Gift the Taste of the Motor city when you buy our Woodward or Trumbull Box

Motor City in a box was created to allow individuals from all around the world to get a taste the Motor City and experience the true heart of Detroit. All of our products are home to Detroit Michigan, and have helped shape the city into what it is today. Detroit has so much to offer, and we would like you to experience it with us!

Woodward Box

Trumbull Box

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About MotorCity

MotorCity Box was created so that everyone from anywhere in the world could experience what Detroit has to offer. Whether you are from Detroit, or are looking to experience the best of it, MotorCity Box allows for any individual to gift or receive that experience.  

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"Responded to my questions quickly and tailored my order to my request. Will definitely purchase from them again!

Jane Doe

Motor city box Logo

" bought both boxes and I’m very impressed with the gift wrapping! Boxes contained exactly what you see with the exception of the sticker. Our stickers were a little different, but still Detroit themed.

John Smith